• CEDJunior

    Warning:  This blog contains spoilers from the Season 3 opener, "The Conscience Code."

    Wow! Eleven months; that's how long I and others have been waiting for the season premiere of Quantico! All of us were wondering what changes would occur following the events of the second season. We certainly received answers, and boy were they shocking to say the least. Let's list them, shall we?

    Let's start with the biggest shocker:  Ryan and Shelby are husband and wife?!?! Holy cow!!! Seriously, who saw this coming?! It was within the first moments of Ryan and Alex meeting for the first time in three years (the time that elasped between the seasons), that the former informed the latter about Shelby being kidnapped by The Widow, with Alex noticing that R…

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  • OctaviaLexa


    December 21, 2017 by OctaviaLexa

    Would you like to be one of the CIA or FBI recruits? For more details, join our next recruitment period. 

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  • CEDJunior

    Warning:  This blog contains spoilers from the season finale, "RESISTANCE."

    Good news!!! Just hours before last night's season finale aired, ABC announced that Quantico will be back for a third season! There are a couple of catches, though. For one, Joshua Safran is no longer the showrunner, but he will stay on as a consultant. And secondly, Season 3 will only consist of 13 episodes, which is nine less than either of the previous two seasons. I originally found that last part nerve-wracking, but I later got over it, as I was simply happy that the show's coming back. Plus Season 3 won't have so many divided parts; while Season 1 was basically cut in half, Season 2 was divided into three parts.

    The first period (again, I'm in Stanley Cup Playo…

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  • CEDJunior

    Warning: This blog contains spoilers from recent episodes.

    The second season finale is almost here! Here's a look back at how we got to this point.

    So the G20 Summit events are long behind us, and after Lydia's actions have put a huge monkey wrench in things, Claire Haas put together a covert task force to seek out a group of collaborators working in their own interests against the nation. As we later learned, Henry Roarke is the centerpiece/mastermind of this plot, and the end of the episode, "GlobalReach," saw their main goal, Claire's resignation, successful.

    So what's up with our characters? Alex was sent in by Owen to get intel from the collaborators, Ryan was in a budding relationship of sorts (and of convenience) with Sasha Barinov, on…

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  • CEDJunior

    A New Beginning

    February 21, 2017 by CEDJunior

    Warning:  This blog contains spoilers from the latest episode, EPICSHELTER.

    As the head honcho, Joshua Safran, promised, everything was wrapped up in a neat little package in the latest episode, "EPICSHELTER." Let's get down to business and list everything that took place, bit by bit.

    First off, to the surprise of absolutely no one, Lydia is the traitor. I said before that Lydia is the Season Two equivalent of Natalie Vasquez, only far less likable, so her being revealed as a traitor was a given. She's not a member of the dastardly AIC; she's a CIA agent who does feel that the AIC has validity. Dayana stated to Alex that she and Will were enlisted by Lydia to destroy the drives; a clear contradiction of Lydia's claim in the end of last week'…

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  • CEDJunior

    So Many Questions

    January 24, 2017 by CEDJunior

    Warning:  The following contains spoilers from the Season 2 winter premiere, Cleopatra.

    After a month and a half (though it seems like much longer), Quantico is back, and on a new night! After 1 1/3 seasons on Sundays, the show aired its first Monday episode, the winter premiere, "Cleopatra."

    First off, Hannah Wyland is back!!! I absolutely loved Hannah back in Season One. In case you've forgotten, Hannah is an FBI agent and the ex-wife of Ryan Booth, a fact we learned in her first appearance in the first season's winter finale. With her strong look, I kinda wanted Hannah to be evil somehow, but while she never really became villainous, she did serve as an obstacle for Alex, with her biggest weapon being her lengthy and humorous monologues. S…

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  • CEDJunior

    Warning:  This blog contains spoilers from recent episodes.

    The second winter finale of Quantico is on the horizon, and this sophomore season has been a roller-coaster to say the least. The CW series, Supernatural, has "The Road So Far," which pops up on the season premiere, the mid-season premiere, and the season finale. In the case of this terrific ABC series, it's "How We Got Here," the events leading to the upcoming winter finale.

    As we know, the second season kicked off with the appearance of the Citizens Liberation Front, a mysterious terrorist group who invaded the G20 Summitt in New York. As we saw instantly in the premiere, Kudove, they meant business--as the very final scene featured them killing and beheading Elaine Todd, the First…

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  • CEDJunior

    Miranda Heel Turn?

    October 4, 2016 by CEDJunior

    Warning:  This blog contains spoilers from the episode, Lipstick.

    Has Miranda Shaw turned into the big bad villainess for Season Two? The end of the latest episode, "Lipstick," definitely suggested a heel turn for Miranda, which (IMO) would be crazy after what she went through in the end of Season One involving Liam O'Connor. 

    The last scenes of the episode had Alex Parrish on the phone with Miranda about the mysterious terrorist group that had infiltrated an important building in Manhattan. The call ended with Alex heading on her mission, with Miranda telling Alex to be careful. However, we later see one of the disguised terrorists in the building, and the person receives a text that said these exact words:  "Alex Parrish is inside." The fi…

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  • Steve.welch.7967

    Season 2

    March 4, 2016 by Steve.welch.7967

    Who is excited for Quantico getting renewed for a second season?

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  • WilliamSapphire

    I decide to make this blog post for anyone who wants to discuss who they think the terrorist who bombed Grand Central Station is. Honestly, Caleb seems pretty suspicous so my bets are on him. However, we haven't seen Nimah or Elias, so maybe they might come into the story later. 

    Leave your predictions down below!

    (P.S. So Glad that Quantico got a full-season order of 22 episodes. 

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