Care is the seventeenth episode of the first season of Quantico.


At Quantico, the NATS' current assignment is to learn about human trafficking when Liam and Miranda challenge them to cross the United States/Canadian border without passports. Meanwhile, in the future, Simon continues to help Alex try to find the terrorist, but doing so puts his own life in great risk.


In their last mission for "the Voice," Simon and Alex must release an asset that the FBI and CIA are trying to hide. Using a tracker on Ryan, they locate the asset: Will, who gained access to US military codes via hacking. Ryan fails to prove to Liam that Alex is to blame for the release of the asset. Will offers to go to the terrorists voluntarily, promising to work from the inside. At the time of the drop, the terrorist asks for Simon, as well. The driver at the exchange is revealed to be Shelby. Meanwhile, at Quantico, the class must sneak back into the US without passports, as if they were illegal immigrants. Caleb has already planned to take Shelby to meet her parents, who reveal that they are on the run because they are accidental accessories to the 9/11 attacks. After learning that they only wanted more money to stay on the run, Caleb offers them $5 million if they agree not to contact Shelby ever again. Drew and Alex work together, despite being assigned different partners, to complete the mission. The twins use the fact that they are twins to their advantage and ultimately win the exercise.



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