Charlie Price was the son of former Assistant Director Miranda Shaw. He was portrayed by J. Mallory McCree.


Charlie Price was Miranda Shaw's son. He allegedly planned to shoot up his high school, before the FBI got a tip and subsequently, he was arrested. After he was sentenced for an unknown period of time at a youth detention center (YDC), he was released. Since his release, he had a fallout with his mother for not helping him when he was sentenced to the YDC.

Shortly after, it was revealed that Charlie was a member of the Islamic Front. Some of the members of the organization tasked him with a mission to get into the FBI Academy in order to scope out the campus. After providing intelligence to the terrorist cell on the layout of the training facility and where the guards were stationed at, the Islamic Front attempted to raid the campus.

After the raid was thwarted by FBI recruits and agents, Charlie was later seen at his house with Raina Amin, Miranda Shaw and Derrick. Derrick held Raina and Miranda as hostages and tried to convince Charlie to shoot his mother. Outside the house, multiple FBI agents and SWAT members were assessing the situation. Moments after Derrick gave the gun to Charlie, Charlie turned on him and shot him. Soon after, Miranda realized that there were snipers outside and attempted to shoot Charlie in order to save his life. Unfortunately, Charlie received two bullets to his chest, later passing away from his injuries in a hospital after falling in a coma.


  • He was a member of the Islamic Front.
  • Months later, he passed away in the hospital from his injuries that he sustained in a shootout in Turn.


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