The AIC is the hand of a much larger body. The people behind them know the information is out there. We can tell when they've accessed it, just not by whom. Your job will be to monitor it, find out who's responsible, and to respond accordingly.
Claire Haas
Claire Haas is the mother of Caleb Haas and Clay Haas. She was formerly the President of the United States. She is portrayed by Marcia Cross.

Character Biography

Claire, the ruling force of the Haas family, has transitioned from decorated FBI agent to high-ranking Senator and now Vice Presidential candidate. The public sees a skilled politician, a passionate advocate for her causes, a force for good, but her family sees a different woman: one whose ambition comes before all else.


  • She is the mother of Caleb Haas, Clay Haas and Cassandra Haas.
    • Also, she is the wife of the recently deceased Clayton Haas.
  • In Inside, it was revealed that she is a former FBI agent.
  • In Turn, it was revealed that she completed her undergraduate studies at Yale Law School.
  • In Alex, it was revealed that she survived the Command Center bombing incident.
  • In Yes, it was revealed that Claire assisted Liam O'Connor in the execution of his plans so that it would politically benefit her Vice Presidential (VP) campaign.
  • In LCFLUTTER, she became the President of the United States (POTUS) when the 25th Amendment was invoked following the resignation of President Todd.
  • In JMPALM, Claire revealed in a conversation that she had a role in establishing the black ops division within the CIA. Through a discussion with an agent who provided her with the idea, she approved it, not later realizing that the division would eventually became the AIC.
    • The AIC was inadvertently formed when she passed a bill campaigning on independent oversight and complete control of the black ops program.
  • In EPICSHELTER, it was revealed that she worked with CIA director Matthew Keyes in setting up the Presidential Covert Joint Task Force.
  • In GLOBALREACH, she resigned from her position as a POTUS due to a scandal. She is succeeded by the former Speaker of the House, Henry Roarke.