The Command Center bombing was a catastrophic attack on the FBI Command Center in New York by former FBI Special Agent Liam O'Connor, during the last day of the 2016 Democratic National Convention. The event occurred four days after the Grand Central bombing. The bombing killed 32 people. Simon Asher was initially considered the main suspect of the bombing but later, pardoned. Shortly after the incident, Elias Harper was considered a main suspect for the bombing of the FBI Command Center.


In Yes, it was revealed that Liam O'Connor was the true mastermind behind the two bombing attacks. Liam planted the bombs at Grand Central Terminal (GCT) using the bombing plans from Simon Asher in the past timeline at Quantico. In order to frame Alex Parrish for the bombing, Liam blackmailed Elias into capturing her and placing her within the station prior to the detonation of the GCT. In addition, he coerced Elias into either implanting the bombs at the FBI Command Center or kidnapping and framing a suspect for the second bombing at the FBI Command Center. After Elias decided that he would frame a suspect, Liam continued with his plans by implanting the bombs at the FBI Command Center. Later, Elias kidnapped Simon, strapped him to a chair in a hotel and gave him a remote bomb trigger. After Alex, Natalie and Nimah encountered Elias and Simon in the room, later questioning their involvement in the bombings, Elias confessed to his role in helping the mastermind terrorist, right before committing suicide. Shortly after, Alex received confirmation from Miranda of the bomb's location in the Convention Center building and subsequently, the EDC's efforts in defusing it. After Alex assumed that the crisis was over, she relayed the information to Simon who later released the trigger. Unbeknownst to Simon, he did not realize that his action activated the bomb in the Command Center. Later, it was reported in Alex that 32 FBI agents, including Clayton Haas perished as a result of the bombing at the FBI Command Center.


Three months after the event, a Congressional Hearing was conducted. Initially, Alex and her colleagues believed that Elias was the main culprit behind the attack so they were brought in as witnesses to testify on his role in the bombing of the FBI Command Center. However, it was later revealed that Liam was the true mastermind terrorist behind the event in Yes.





  • This event occurred on the fourth and last day of the 2016 Democratic National Convention. In the real world, the last day of the convention occurred on July 28, 2016.