Drive is the twentieth episode of the first season of Quantico.


With only a few weeks until graduation, the NATS are dispatched to various field offices where Alex and Ryan find themselves working a case together. Meanwhile, in the future, Shelby and Caleb’s relationship takes a turn, and Alex doesn’t know who to trust when she discovers new information about the man she loves.


Ryan puts a warrant out for Alex's arrest, as she was the last one to see Natalie. Meanwhile, Alex and Shelby find Drew with similar symptoms to Will's. Drew claims that Ryan is "the Voice" and gives Alex a decryption USB to search through Ryan's computer for evidence. Alex learns too late that Drew is "the Voice" and that the USB planted files to frame Ryan. Drew tells Alex to drive Ryan's truck, which has a nuclear bomb in it. In the past, the NATs visit an FBI post in Richmond. Alex and Brandon take down someone involved in child pornography and Alex learns more of what happened to Ryan in Chicago. Iris learns from Caleb the truth about Shelby's parents conning her and, after being told by Iris, Shelby confronts Caleb and calls Clayton in order to take down her parents. Nimah and Raina are assigned to find a specific contact in the Richmond office. While Raina meets the true contact, Nimah mistakes one of the other office members, but is able to persuade him not to tell their handler. They are eventually given their assignment to infiltrate the Islamic Front cell which Hamza Kouri leads.



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