Eric Packer was a former recruit at Quantico. He committed suicide in Run during the first assessment that the NATs underwent at the FBI Academy. He was portrayed by Brian J. Smith.

Character Biography

Eric was a competitive archer in the Olympics. Years later, on a Mormon missionary in Malawi, Eric impregnated a 14-year-old girl and took her to a private hospital to get an illegal abortion. She died in the process, and Eric never told anyone about the incident.


On his way to the interrogation room, Caleb does not cease to harass Eric about the information he's found. This continues to increase Eric's distress and unease as they continue on. When they enter the room, Eric immediately seals off the door with a cart and pulls out a gun, shooting the FBI agent in the room, leaving him, Caleb, and the four cameras revealing what's going on to the other NATs alone. Caleb then begs Eric to put down the gun, and finally reveals that he didn't find anything. He had been lying the entire time, in hopes that in their interrogation, Eric would reveal his missing information himself and Caleb would pass, as he's failed every other test the FBI has assigned, and their interrogation would be his last chance at redeeming himself. Eric repeats that he doesn't believe a word that Caleb says, and cries that he doesn't want anyone to know his secret. The FBI hurriedly run to the interrogation room to stop him, but cannot enter because of the cart he placed in front of the door.

Eric then seems to have calmed down, but the gun is still in his hands. He then apologizes and says "I never thought she'd die", and shoots himself in the mouth.

After his death, Miranda Shaw tells Liam O'Connor that, after looking more into Eric, it was discovered that while on his mission, Eric had sex with a 14 year old Malawian girl who got pregnant. He took her to receive an illegal abortion, but, in the process, she died, and he had kept it a secret the entire time. No one, not even the FBI, had known of this, despite all of the tests and polygraphs that Eric went through before applying to be a recruit at Quantico.


  • He is the first character to die and the first to commit suicide.
  • He is the only known Mormon character in the show.


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