Fast is the nineteenth episode of the first season of Quantico.


It’s career day at Quantico as the NATS meet representatives from various FBI branches to help them decide their future paths. In the future, Alex continues to search for the terrorist, and in the process, discovers some familiar faces – including one who knows the terrorist’s endgame.


Ryan gets a visit from Natalie's mother, who has not heard from her since Natalie took emergency leave. Ryan and Nimah find that Alex helped Natalie bypass security on the last day before she went missing. While Caleb rests at Alex's apartment, Alex finds Shelby at the Bureau, installing new software. The two work together to trace the caller to a definite location and find Will, who is sick and says he created a nuke. At Quantico, the NATs are learning about different fields in which they can work. The twins are given a handler by Liam, but the handler doesn't seem interested in them and they don't trust him. Alex sees that Drew has tremors in his hands and wants to tell Liam and Ryan, but doesn't want to ruin Drew's chances. Shelby, wanting to know what Caleb is up to, goes to Sistemics.



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  • Filming began early on March 8, 2016.