Found is the fifth episode of the first season of Quantico.


The trainees leave campus for the first time while undergoing their first undercover assignment. With an evening full of unpredictable events, Alex and Ryan find themselves getting close while the recruits' skills are tested. In the future, Alex decides to tell her side of the story and sits down for her first public interview leaving everyone watching to wonder who is really telling the truth.


At Quantico, Miranda sends the NATs on an undercover mission. They all are asked to pose as a person and infiltrate a company and meet the CEO. Caleb destroys all of Shelby's efforts as a way of taking revenge, as he thinks she ratted on him being in the shooting arena in the beginning. At the end, Alex, Ryan, Nimah are among the "winners" of the challenge. Nimah and Raina make up and Nimah encourages Raina to pursue Simon. When Elias finds out that Simon has been lying about everything and wants to report him, Simon tells him he was in the Israeli Defense Force and is now living a lie to cope. In the present timeline, Alex broadcasts a video stating her side of the story with the help of Duncan Howell and Mia, who work for the hacktivist group 'The Unknown'. Then, she escapes from the venue, leaving Shelby behind who, by then, believes that Alex could not have bombed Grand Central and does not give up Simon and Ryan. At the end, Simon gets a message with the names of agents near the area at the time of the bombing. Caleb is on the list.



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