The Grand Central bombing was a catastrophic attack on the Grand Central Terminal (GCT) station in New York City by former FBI Special Agent Liam O'Connor during the first day of the 2016 Democratic National Convention. The bombing killed 130 people. Alex Parrish was considered the main suspect of the bombing but later, pardoned. Later, it was revealed that Liam O'Connor was responsible for the bombings at the Grand Central Terminal as well as the FBI Command Center.


In Yes, Liam highlighted his motive to Alex Parrish. He revealed himself, as the true mastermind behind the two bombing attacks. Liam mentioned that he wanted to make Alex a scapegoat for the bombings. He stated that when he was "brand-new" after completing his training at the academy, he witnessed "corruption, cowardice, callousness towards the loss of life" within the Bureau. He highlighted that after harboring an overwhelming guilt for working at an organization that tried to cover up bureaucratic negligence and promoted people that tried to save the Bureau over their own personal moral obligation to do the right thing, he wanted to bring about change. The only way to do so was to make a statement; by setting up Alex for the Grand Central bombing. In order to frame her for the attack, Liam stole the bombing plans from Simon Asher in the past timeline at Quantico in order to specifically implant the bombs in certain areas of the Grand Central Terminal. In addition, he blackmailed Elias Harper into capturing Alex and placing her within the station prior to the detonation of the GCT.


Alex was considered a main suspect in the bombing case. A nation-wide manhunt was instigated by the FBI for her capture after she escaped custody, as a result of receiving help from former Deputy Director Miranda Shaw. Shortly after the Command Center bombing occurred, her name was cleared. Then, she was requested to testify on Elias's role in the bombings during the Congressional Hearing case, three months after the attacks. Later, it was revealed that Liam was the true mastermind terrorist behind the event in Yes.



  • 130 people


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  • This event occurred on the morning of the 2016 Democratic National Convention. In the real world, the first day of the convention occurred on July 25, 2016.