Guilty is the ninth episode of the first season of Quantico.


At “Quantico”, the NATS attend a class with guest speaker Dr. Susan Langdon. Dr. Langdon is a former agent and profiler who tasks the trainees with looking at serial killer cases to find the one victim that doesn’t fit the case, but when Simon becomes too good at finding things that don’t belong, it’s his life that becomes endangered. In the future, Alex is interrogated by a highly sophisticated FBI team while Ryan’s life hangs in the balance.


Elias returns as Alex's legal counsel, whom she called before surrendering herself. HIG, another government group, has a presidential executive order to interrogate Alex. They press her to confess by torturing Ryan, whom they caught when intercepting his helicopter. When Caleb examines Agent Goodwin's body, he notices that her phone is missing and that her body was set up to look like she was caught in the explosion. Caleb, Elias, Natalie, Liam, and the twins want to help Alex by establishing a timeline and find out that she was kidnapped into a van and drugged before being supposedly relocated to the explosion site. This is enough evidence for Liam to free her from HIG, but Alex agrees to plead guilty so that the real culprits still feel safe. At Quantico, Miranda is at the hospital after being attacked. Ryan is concerned with Alex constantly checking up on Liam, who is getting drunk because he could not prevent the terrorist attack when working with her father. Simon decides to report falsified evidence regarding a serial killer and is criticized by the other NATs.



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  • This episode title was spoken by Alex Parrish.