Inside is the eleventh episode of the first season of Quantico.


The terrorists responsible for the bombing of Grand Central Station finally reveal themselves, but instead of answers, more questions remain. While back at Quantico, the recruits receive a well-deserved few days off for the holidays, but not everyone is oh so merry when secrets are revealed and lines and blurred.


At Quantico, the NATs are given a long weekend off for New Year's Eve. Alex, Natalie, Shelby and Nimah, all fleeing from family problems, try to spend the weekend drinking and reviewing cold cases. Nimah tries to have a heart-to-heart with Miranda about her son's potential abduction, with mixed results. When Miranda goes home, she finds Charlie injured outside her doorstep. Caleb brings the others to a political soiree where Shelby finally meets his mother Senator Claire Haas, but Caleb's resentment towards his parents has disastrous consequences for his relationship with Shelby. Meanwhile, Alex encounters Ryan undercover with his ex-wife Hannah and still pining for Alex. In the present, Alex, Nimah, and Natalie learn of Simon's disappearance from a battered Elias and find Simon with a detonator taped to his hand in the hotel where the Democratic delegates are staying. While Miranda works to defuse the bomb, Liam gets the delegates to the command center, where Senator Haas tells Shelby that she will ruin her for breaking Caleb's heart. Later, the agents are horrified to learn that there's a third bomb which detonates in the Command Center.



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  • Prior to the episode Alex, the status of the Haas family and Shelby remained unknown after the bombing event at the FBI Command Center in New York.
    • Alex, Natalie, Nimah, Simon, Miranda, and Liam are all alive.
    • In Alex, it was revealed that Shelby, Caleb and Claire survived the incident. However, Clayton Haas and 31 FBI agents died in the bombing.