Welcome to the Farm. This is the CIA's one and only training facility. If you are here, it means you're good. But that doesn't mean you'll stay.
Jason Bowling
Jason Bowling was a character who was introduced in season two. He was portrayed by Jason Tottenham.

Character Biography

Jason Bowling joined the CIA, became an operative, and was one of the co-instructors at the Farm. However, in the future, he was revealed to be a masked member of the Citizens Liberation Front, a terrorist group that took hostage of the 2018 G-20 Summit in New York. Towards the end of the crisis, he was shot and killed by Will Olsen.


  • He was a CIA case officer.
    • In addition, he served as a co-intructor at the Farm.
  • In ZRTORCH, it was revealed that he was one of the masked members of the Citizens Liberation Front, a terrorist group that took control of the G-20 Summit in New York City.
    • At the time, Bowling, Ryan Booth, and Will Olsen were interrogating possible AIC recruits and executing them if their answers were AIC related. Leon Velez's interrogation had flaws. As a result, Bowling attempted to kill Velez, but was stopped by Ryan Booth. The two engaged in a fight. The fight ended with Bowling holding Booth at gunpoint. Later, it was revealed that he was killed by Will Olsen who shot him to death.
    • In EPICSHELTER, Miranda Shaw confessed about her involvement with the Citizens Liberation Front. Jeremy Miller was given an offer for recruitment into the AIC. He declined it and was almost killed. Therefore, he approached Bowling and Angie Reynolds. Both knew about the existence of the AIC, a rogue, dangerous faction of the CIA. They formed the Citizens Liberation Front to counter it. Sometime after, they successfully recruited Miranda.
      • Miranda thought that the group was going to stop the AIC at the G-20 summit, not kill people as she originally assumed.