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Jocelyn Turner is a character who is introduced in season three of Quantico. She is portrayed by Marlee Matlin.

Character Biography

Jocelyn Turner is an ex-FBI agent who was known at one time as the best undercover agent in the field, until a bomb blew up near her and rendered her deaf. The FBI put her out to pasture, but now she’s being brought back to join a special unit.


  • She is an FBI agent.
  • In The Conscience Code, it is revealed that she works as an FBI instructor at Quantico.
  • She had a dark past with The Widow.
  • She is seen using American Sign Language (ASL) as a means of communication due to her physical disability.
  • In The Conscience Code, Owen Hall mentioned to Alex Parrish that Jocelyn infiltrated The Widow's organization.
    • In The Heavens Fall, it was highlighted that she went on an undercover mission for 19 months.
    • Prior to her cover being blown, Jocelyn was set up by one of the associates connected to The Widow. A bomb was placed at a rendezvous site which exploded, while Jocelyn was on a mission. Due to being close to the vicinity of the blast radius, Jocelyn lost her hearing.


Season 3
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