Kudove is the season premiere of the second season of Quantico.


While investigating the dark world of espionage at a mysterious CIA training facility, Alex becomes caught at the center of a conspiracy that threatens lives across the globe.



Having accepted Matthew Keyes's offer to be a part of the CIA, Alex works as an analyst for the Agency. After having dinner with Shelby and Ryan, an unknown caller directs her to the Farm, the CIA's training facility. There, she meets other recruits such as Harry Doyle, Dayana Mampasi, León Velez, Sebastian Chen, Lydia Hall and Jeremy Miller as well as Owen Hall, Angie Reynolds and Jason Bowling, her instructors. Miranda and Keyes tell Ryan and Alex that they are at the Farm as part of an investigation to expose a rogue faction within the Agency that is recruiting people at the Farm.

Alex quickly befriends Lydia. Owen, the lead instructor, has all of the recruits jump off a plane. Jeremy, who refused to do so, was later cut from the Farm. Some time later, Lydia reveals that she is a co-instructor and she disguised herself as a trainee. In addition, she is also Owen's daughter. At night, Alex and Ryan meet at the FBI safe house. Ryan then presents Alex with a ring and Alex tells her to keep it until the mission is over.


Alex is walking in downtown Manhattan and spots someone she thought she killed. As Shelby identifies the mystery man, white trucks intersect into each other and explode, surrounding the Federal Building where the G-20 Summit is occurring. Masked gunman kill the summit's guards and take everyone hostage.

The masked terrorists are calling themselves the Citizens Liberation Front (the CLF). Threatening to execute the First Lady, Elaine Todd, the CLF demanded that the President comply with their orders. Meanwhile, Alex, who snuck into the crisis zone, came across CLF gear. However, one CLF member spots her and the two engage in a fight. Alex subdues and holds her attacker at gunpoint. She later unmasks her attacker, Jeremy Miller. Refusing to talk, he commits suicide.

The President complied with the orders of the CLF. Instead of releasing the hostages, the CLF round up all the hostages and hint that they have undercover operatives within the crowd. Alex then witnesses the CLF publicly execute the First Lady on national television.



  • Table read was on July 11, 2016.
  • Filming began on July 12, 2016.



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