We believe that some people in the agency decided that they are done with these laws. They want the old ways restored - no accountability, no rules, no oversight. Whoever this rogue group is, they have been growing within the CIA for years with their own nefarious agenda, and we need to stop them.
Matthew Keyes
Matthew Keyes is the former Director of the CIA who offered Alex Parrish a job in the season one finale. He is portrayed by Henry Czerny.


  • In Kubark, it was highlighted that he is on friendly terms with Owen Hall.
  • In EPICSHELTER, it was revealed that he worked with former President Claire Haas in setting up the Presidential Covert Joint Task Force.
  • In GLOBALREACH, it was revealed that he resigned from his position at the Agency.
    • He was forced to resign, as a result of blackmailing tactics initiated by Alex and Alice Winter. They highlighted, that if Keyes disagreed to resign, they would expose him as being part of the task force, which would negatively affect the reputation of the Agency.
    • In RAINBOW, he understood Alex's position as she was forced to complete the tasks assigned to her by Alice as Alex needed to gain their trust, as part of her undercover mission, to expose the secrets of The Collaborators.