Michael Parrish was the father of Alex Parrish. He was a renowned FBI agent prior to his death. He was portrayed by Johnathon Schaech.

Character Biography

When his daughter Alex was still young, he and his wife, Sita, got in an argument. Apparently drunk, Michael held a gun to Sita and when Alex arrived begging for them to stop, Michael demanded that Sita tell their daughter "the truth." While he was distracted, Sita managed to disarm him. A distressed Alex took the gun and shot him.

Alex then found his FBI ID, surprising her because until then, she believed him to be a simple factory worker. Alex has since pondered what kind of man her father really was and decided to become an FBI agent herself to find out.

Upon arriving at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Alex eventually told one of her superiors, Liam O'Connor, about it, hoping to get some answers from him.