Mike McQuigg is a character who is introduced in season three of Quantico. He is portrayed by Alan Powell.

Character Biography

Mike McQuigg is described as an overly assertive and adept FBI operative, with over two years of undercover work experience within a white supremacist militia in the South. He is later called into action to help out the team, as he has expertise and intelligence about the organization, who are planning on instigating a biological attack in the future.


  • He is an FBI agent.
    • He has two years of undercover experience within a white supremacist organization.
  • He is a romantic interest of Alex Parrish.


Season 3
"The Conscience Code" "Fear and Flesh" "Hell's Gate" "Spy Games" "The Blood of Romeo"
"The Heavens Fall" "Bullet Train" "Deep Cover" "Fear Feargach" "No Place is Home"
"The Art of War" "Ghosts" "Who Are You?"