Over is the eighth episode of the first season of Quantico.


Alex finds evidence suggesting a new bombing. The FBI arrests all of Alex's accomplices except Agent Booth.


Ryan talks Alex through field surgery to save his life. When the FBI's files are hacked, Alex calls her friends from the Unknown to help sort out the data. Meanwhile, Clayton asks Caleb to erase any trace of his affair with Shelby, leading Caleb to stumble upon evidence that might exonerate Alex. At Quantico, the NATs are given personalized assignments that turn out to be part of a larger lesson at FBI headquarters. Ryan helps Alex get information on her father, leading to a confrontation with Liam, who reveals a secret from his and her father's past. Caleb accidentally reveals the existence of Shelby's half-sister to the FBI. Miranda tries to engage with her son, with tragic consequences. Simon and Raina are disappointed to learn that it's Nimah he's more interested in. In the present, Alex realizes that there's another deadlier bomb and reluctantly turns herself in to inform the FBI of the threat.



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  • This episode title was spoken by Alex Parrish.