Samar Hashmi is the false half-sister of Shelby Wyatt. In the past, Samar and Shelby regularly communicated over Skype, in Arabic. Shelby sent Samar large amounts of money including one for a deposit on a home Samar supposedly purchased. Shelby mentioned that it was least she could do for her half-sister, after all she has been through. Later in the season, Samar is revealed to be a con artist, by Shelby's former boyfriend, Caleb Haas. She is portrayed by Marjan Neshat.


  • Samar made her first appearance in Over.
  • She was initially revealed to be Shelby's half sister.
    • Although, it was mentioned previously that Shelby and Samar, shared the same father and that Shelby was her only immediate family after her parents supposedly "died" in the 9/11 attacks, the above information was revealed to be untrue.
    • In Turn, it was actually revealed that Shelby's parents faked their deaths in order to escape the authorities.
    • After Caleb found information that exposed Samar as a con artist, Shelby stop communicating to her.