Season 2 is the second season of the ABC drama thriller television series Quantico. It has 22 episodes which aired in the United States from September 25, 2016. The season concluded on May 15, 2017.


After clearing her name, saving millions of lives, and discovering the mastermind behind it all was the very man who had trained her at Quantico, American hero Alex Parrish was given a shocking reward: she was fired by the FBI. But now she has been given the chance to serve her country again: in the clandestine ranks of United States' top intelligence agency, the CIA.


On March 3, 2016, ABC announced that Quantico was renewed for a second season.

Most of the main cast of Quantico is returning for the second season with the exception of Tate Ellington, Josh Hopkins, and Anabelle Acosta whose characters were killed off in the first season.

On June 3, 2016, Russell Tovey joins the main cast for the second season. Tovey will play Harry Doyle, a character who is described as a mischievous gadabout.

On July 5, 2016, it was announced that Blair Underwood will join the show as a series regular, playing Owen Hall. On July 12, 2016, it was announced that South-African actress Pearl Thusi had joined the show as a series regular for the second season. She will play the character Dayana Mampasi. On July 19, 2016, it was confirmed that Aarón Díaz, Tracy Ifeachor and David Lim were added as recurring cast, and will be playing León Velez, Lydia Hall and Sebastian Chen, respectively. On July 28, 2016, it was announced that Henry Czerny was cast in a major recurring role for the second season. He will be reprising his role as Matthew Keyes, the director of the CIA from the season one finale Yes.

On January 12, 2017, it was announced that Hunter Parrish was cast in the recurring role of Clay Haas in the second season of Quantico. On March 13, 2017, it was announced that Krysta Rodriguez was cast in the recurring role of Maxine Griffin in the second season of Quantico. On March 20, 2017, it was announced that Graham Rogers will reprise his role as Caleb Haas in the second season of Quantico. In the same month, it was also announced that Jon Kortajarena would be joining the cast in the second season as Felix Cordova, a political operative at the White House.


Filming for the second season began on July 13, 2016 in New York. This information was confirmed by Priyanka Chopra. The second season was primarily shot at the Silvercup Studios and exterior scenes were filmed on location in New York. The filming production for the second season concluded on March 2017.


  • On June 14, 2017, the second season of Quantico became available to stream instantly on Netflix US.






Season Episodes
Season Premiere Season Finale
  2 22 September 25, 2016 May 15, 2017
No. Ep. Title Original air date U.S. viewers
1 1 Kudove September 25, 2016 3.64
Alex is walking the streets of New York and gets a strange feeling about mysterious white vans that are driving around, soon after she sees someone that she believed to have killed months earlier. After calling Shelby to identify the mystery man white vans go into a formation and blow up a section blocking off a part of lower Manhattan. With Ryan being in the building, protecting the president, Alex infiltrates to try and find out who is behind the terrorist attack. While being held hostage Ryan and Raina try to figure out who the terrorists (calling themselves the Citizens Liberation Front- the CLF) are. After giving into the terrorists' wishes the hostages are split up and the First Lady of the United States is murdered. In flashback, Alex has now started at the CIA but is working for the FBI in order to see if someone is becoming a homegrown terrorist. After she is taken into the Farm, the CIA's training camp she finds out that Ryan has also been recruited by the FBI and the CIA to spy on the other recruits to see if any were recruited to a rogue faction within the Agency. During the first training exercise Alex sets herself up as the hero but she isn't perceived as she thought as the CIA wants the mission to come first.
2 2 Lipstick October 2, 2016 3.57
In the second week at the Farm, the CIA trainees are tasked of how to avoid surveillance. While Ryan, who becomes the eyes, is secretly followed by Owen, the Farm's instructor, Alex, as the "rabbit", fails once more after knowing she has been together with the "trigger", the one who runs the surveillance, instead of avoiding him. Despite this, Owen and Lydia, his daughter and another co-instructor, each admire Ryan's and Alex’s works. In the present timeline, with the help of the police officer she met earlier, Alex manages to find the NYPD emergency bunker under Federal Hall, right before he is compromised. She successfully calls Miranda; later however, the latter texts one of the terrorists, disclosing Alex’s whereabouts.
3 3 Stescalade October 16, 2016 3.04
After Raina’s plan backfires, Ryan tries to do the same thing by creating a diversion which involves his ex-classmate at the Farm, Harry Doyle, who somehow happens to be in the same building, but it also fails, compromising Alex’s disguise as one of the terrorists in the process. She later gets into a fight with another terrorist and ultimately kills her, after which the former drops the latter’s dead body into the building, leaving a message to the terrorists. In the meantime, Miranda, still in contact with the terrorist, begins to deduce that the group that Alex and Ryan were investigating at the Farm (dubbed “AIC”) might be behind the attack, with Shelby’s help. In flashbacks at the Farm, the CIA trainees begin their assessment training in a forest nearby, but they fail even after they manage to make it back. Alex and Ryan co-operate with their respective handlers, Shelby and Nimah, to plant a bug in one of their classmates’ room, but it is interfered as someone, who might know their plan, has already planted another bug. Later, in an effort to know more about Alex, a disguised Harry meets one of her colleagues back during her time at the FBI Academy: Will Olsen.
4 4 Kubark October 23, 2016 2.79
The CLF offer to give about 1,700 hostages in exchange for a hacker, who was given a presidential pardon during "Kudove." Alex is able to talk to Raina, and tries to get her to give a message to Miranda. Shelby tries to tell the FBI not to accept the exchange, but they go ahead with it under Miranda's request. Raina tries to give Alex's message to Miranda, and Alex tries to stop the exchange, but both are unsuccessful. Shelby finds a message from the hacker, telling her that Miranda is "one of them." The hacker, unwilling to follow the terrorists' orders, kills himself. In flashbacks, the trainees must learn to deal with stress, and learn to keep their heart-rate and stress levels down when dealing with their weaknesses. Alex and Ryan decide to clone Owen's phone, which is recording the trainees' records of stress. Alex's weakness is self-doubt, and the CIA think that Ryan's weakness is authority. Ryan tells Alex that she is his weakness, which is why he is keeping his distance. Using the data cloned from Owen's phone, Leigh was shown to have high stress levels when Ryan asked her about using a bug, suggesting that Leigh was the one who planted the bug.
5 5 KMFORGET October 30, 2016 2.43
Learning of the death of hacktivist Eric Boyer, Miranda decides to order Shelby to find Will, who has similar capability to hack computers to figure out the terrorists’ plans. Shelby, who still distrusts Miranda, warns Will about her, but he convinces Shelby of Miranda’s innocence and later calls the latter to reveal his knowledge of her secrets. Meanwhile, Alex manages to escape from the terrorists with the help of one of them after getting cornered, but she later finds Lydia, who somehow manages to escape as well. In the flashbacks at the Farm, the trainees learn how to escape from a situation without getting noticed. Alex and Ryan succeed; they choose to frame Harry, whom their handlers warn them about after they all realize he uses Will. However, he manages to come back, revealing that he is a spy for MI6 and that he was the one who bugged Alex’s room (and also Ryan’s). Meanwhile, Owen blackmails the journalist who publicly leaks his name. Shelby and another CIA trainee, León, meet each other by chance.
6 6 AQUILINE November 6, 2016 2.20
Lydia tells Alex that the CLF are after a set of hard drives which contain valuable information, but needed a hacker to decrypt them. When Alex and Lydia find the drives, Alex thinks that they should be destroyed, but is knocked out by Lydia. She leaves Alex tied up, and sets off an alarm. Meanwhile, Raina is brought back with the remaining hostages. Together, with Dayana, Leigh, Harry, León, and Sebastian, they try to figure out what connects them. Leigh is publicly executed after finding flaws in her interrogation. It's revealed that Raina is actually Nimah, who is working with the terrorists, and the real Raina is tied up. In flashbacks to the Farm, the trainees must discuss whether to use a drone to kill a potential terrorist given the data they have, but are uncertain if the data is accurate. While the rest of the group says yes, Alex says no. However, Owen initiates the drone strike anyway, telling them that the data was accurate. Harry still wants information from Ryan about why he's here undercover. Nimah finds out that Shelby has been getting close to Leon, and suggests that she goes undercover.
7 7 LCFLUTTER November 13, 2016 2.75
Alex tries to escape and in the process, finds the phone number of the terrorists' outside contact, who, unbeknownst to her, is Miranda. She only manages to tell Shelby the first six digits of the number, and is soon caught by the terrorists, who ask her about the drives. They bring in Dayana for torture; when they threaten to break Dayana's spinal cord, Alex reveals that Lydia took the drives and they leave them to find Lydia. Harry, Sebastian, and León soon rescue the two. Meanwhile, Vice President Claire Haas has been sworn in as President, invoking the 25th Amendment. In flashbacks to the training at Camp Peary, Owen teaches the trainees interrogation techniques by having them torture him so that they extort his CIA alias. While Alex and Harry feel that they are going too far, the rest of the trainees believe they are not going far enough, and start waterboarding Lydia in front of Owen until he finally cracks. Alex is cut from the FBI mission when her colleagues are meeting without her, given her failure to gather information. Shelby must choose between going undercover and never seeing León again. After a car incident, Ryan receives a call on his cellphone outside the CIA training grounds. The unknown caller mentions that he has been selected as part of a secret operation, the AIC.
8 8 ODENVY November 27, 2016 2.29
With her ex-classmates, Alex plans to find and disarm the biological weapon that the Citizens Liberation Front (CLF) has been threatening to release to the whole of New York City. Meanwhile, the general from the United States Northern Command reveals to Miranda about a major plan to attack 28 Liberty Street, which could potentially kill everyone within the designated perimeter. Shelby and Miranda oppose the idea but the general gives them, an hour to provide an alternative course of action to take in order to save the remaining hostages. In the past timeline, the trainees are given permission to celebrate Thanksgiving outside the Farm only if they succeed in creating a cover story to protect their families. Harry heads back to England to meet his handler so as to inform her about his mission at the Farm (which happens after the Brexit referendum). Alex is officially cut from the FBI mission by Miranda, prompting her to decide to go on with the mission alone. Ryan, Dayana, and León are given specific orders by the same mysterious contact, leading to a murder of an innocent person; after the mission succeeds, the AIC commends them and threatens to kill them should they conduct any treason. Back to the present time, Alex realizes that the weapon is to be released only in the crisis zone. When she is captured along with the other ex-classmates, she is taken away by one of the terrorists into a separate area. After she fights the conspiring terrorist, she uncovers the identity of the individual. Ryan is revealed to be a conspiring terrorist working with the Citizens Liberation Front.
9 9 CLEOPATRA January 23, 2017 2.90
Alex is freed and taken back to the FBI Headquarters, where she is questioned by Hannah Wyland about her involvement in the hostage crisis. She narrates to Hannah about her time in The Farm. In the interrogation process, Alex mentions that Harry, León, Dayana, and Sebastian are still inside the crisis zone and anyone among them can be the terrorists. However, Hannah refuses to believe Alex, until, Alex tells her that Ryan is one of the terrorists. Hannah asks Shelby to go through the audio recording of the questioning to find something solid to support Alex's theories. Later Shelby finds out that the terrorists are not the AIC, but terrorists are, in fact, the one's hunting the AIC. She also finds out that Dayana and Mike Murray (who gets killed during the interrogation of Alex by the terrorists) are AIC agents sent to kill a CIA operative in Surabaya, Indonesia. Hannah and Shelby leave Alex alone in the room and ask her to stay put. She is then taken by Miranda at gunpoint to a car, where Miranda reveals to Alex she is one of the terrorists and asks her to drive.
10 10 JMPALM January 30, 2017 2.76
Miranda takes Alex back into the crisis zone, where she meets up with Nimah. Nimah reveals that she was the one who saved her earlier. While Miranda brought Alex so they could find Lydia and the drives, Nimah and Alex agree that the hostages should be rescued. Alex goes back into the crisis zone while Nimah holds Miranda at gunpoint. Meanwhile, President Claire Haas wants to call off an air strike on the crisis zone, but at the same time, wants to make sure that the people around her can trust in her to do her job as President. Claire wants Shelby to claim that the AIC (which Claire inadvertently helped make), is fake, so her paper can be considered false. Shelby refuses, and convinces Claire to call off the strike anyway. In flashbacks to The Farm, Harry pits Alex and Ryan against each other, as Alex revealed to Ryan that she had her own phone from the AIC, and Miranda believes that Alex may be an obstacle. They try to sabotage each other on a mission, before deciding to make up. Owen talks to Alex about the rogue agency, and reveals that he's not the recruiter. Leon finds Nimah at Shelby's cover house, and says that he knows that they are FBI. He says that he will work with the FBI. Later Dayana, Leon, and Ryan meet other AIC recruits, as well as their recruiter, Lydia. When Ryan asks Lydia about Alex, she says that Alex didn't make the cut.
11 11 ZRTORCH February 6, 2017 2.68
At the Farm, Alex tries to convince Owen that Lydia is in the AIC, by showing that the dates and places of several of Lydia's missions coincide with deaths with suspicious circumstances. Nimah tells León to try and get closer to Dayana, so that they can gather intel from the AIC. Owen teaches the CIA recruits about extracting an asset, and how when he was an agent, an asset of his was killed before they could extract her. The recruits go to Germany, where they have to locate, secure, and extract their asset, as well as collect the asset's information. The asset turns out to be Owen, who did not use any CIA alias when he flew into Germany. Alex works on protecting and extracting Owen, who is almost shot by his ex-asset's son. Dayana and Leon are given a mission from the AIC to kill a woman they don't know, but Leon stops Dayana from killing her. Upon returning to the farm, Owen gives Alex a list of emails sent from Lydia, proving that she's in the AIC. Dayana contacts Lydia that Leon is unfit, and Lydia says that she'll take care of him. In the present, Will, Ryan, and members of the Citizens Liberation Front interrogate hostages one by one, using a lie-detector test and a list of possible AIC incidents. If a hostage confirms to have been in three locations, each one near the time of an AIC-related incident at that location, they are killed. When Leon is giving correct answers to AIC-related incidents, but is lying about being there when the incidents occurred, the lead interrogator, Jason Bowling, decides to execute Velez. However, Will later kills Jason and the three decide that the interrogations should finish. Alex comes back into the building to rescue Raina, and they, Will, and Ryan start directing the hostages to the path Alex took to get back inside. As they're leaving, Alex noticed that the number of hostages increased, and Will explains that the Citizens Liberation Front, after learning that the interrogations finished, have hid themselves among the hostages.
12 12 FALLENORACLE February 13, 2017 2.43
While escorting the hostages underground, Alex and Will find one man dead and another missing. Will recognizes the dead person as a member of the Citizens Liberation Front, and presume that the one missing was AIC, who killed the CLF member. As they continue, the lights are turned off for a minute, and Will and Alex's gun are missing. When the lights turn back on, Carly, Sebastian's wife, is revealed to be an AIC member, and is holding Harry at gunpoint. She threatens to kill him if Alex doesn't hand over Will. Sebastian and Carly both shoot each other, leading to Carly's death, and Sebastian wounded. As the hostages reach the perimeter, the FBI locates the group of hostages, although Will is still missing. In flashbacks to the Farm, Owen has the recruits sneak in to an NSA building and wipe the data that the NSA has of them. Lydia gives Ryan an AIC mission of her own: to place a wiretap in the NSA. Alex asks Harry cover for her to find out what Ryan is doing for the NSA; in exchange, Alex gives Harry all the information the NSA has on Sir Laurence Bishop. Alex finds a wiretap, and puts a wiretap on top off it, so that she will know what the AIC looks at. The recruits leave without any problem, except for León, who was sabotaged by Dayana. Harry reveals to Sebastian that his ex-lover, Elliot, was the son of Sir Laurence Bishop, a wealthy man in the UK. Bishop did not accept Elliot being gay, and cut Elliot off from money and from seeing his family, unless Elliot agreed to married a woman. Elliot, not wanting to choose between his family and Harry, stabbed himself to death. Leon is kicked out of the Farm. Meanwhile, Lydia revealed to Ryan that she was not the head recruiter for the AIC; she was previously recruiting people like Ryan, Dayana, and León to an approved black ops program. She also mentioned that the man that he had to kill was a CIA operative and the hit was a test to ascertain their allegiance to the black ops division. In addition to that, the tap thwarted a terror attack. Meanwhile, Alex and Owen trace the tap to an abandoned warehouse. They find a lair of surveillance of people at the Farm, including Lydia. Once the two leave, the building explodes, supposedly killing an unknown man.
13 13 EPICSHELTER February 20, 2017 2.47
In flashbacks to the Farm, Harry can't find anything on Bishop that shows he is a bad person, and decides that it is time for him to leave. However, his handler decides that he should stay and finish the remaining six weeks. Ryan has been told by Miranda to start wrapping things up and leave the Farm, as she doesn't want the CIA to know the FBI was at the Farm at all. Coincidentally, the FBI comes to interview the students, as well as Owen, about the person who died last night. The person is revealed to be Jeremy Miller, an author who left Camp Peary shortly after his recruitment and the person who Alex thought died in the present. The FBI link Miller to the wiretap, which is owned by the CIA. Sebastian turns over Bishop's information to Director Keyes, getting Harry kicked out. Harry, thankful for Sebastian, decides to tell the other recruits that he is MI6. Owen decides to take the fall for the wiretap, getting himself arrested, and Lydia kicks Alex out of the Farm. In the present, Lydia takes Alex, Ryan, Harry, and León back into the perimeter to find Dayana, Will, and the drives. Alex finds them, and Dayana reveals that she's destroying the drives, and that Lydia's her boss. Someone shoots Alex in the back, but her kevlar saves her. Alex finds Will unconscious, and the drives missing. Meanwhile, Miranda and Nimah are being interrogated by Shelby. Miranda reveals that Jeremy was requested by the AIC to join them after he was kicked out of the CIA, but declined. The AIC decided to kill him instead. Jeremy went to two CIA instructors at the Farm, Angie Reynolds and Jason Bowling, who helped him fake his death. They knew about the AIC, and made a group of their own to stop it, the CLF. In order to make sure the FBI wouldn't interfere in their investigation, the CLF recruited Miranda. The CLF learned that the First Lady was involved with the AIC, and that she requested most of its members to come to the G-20 conference. Miranda thought that they would only find out who was involved in the AIC, but didn't know the CLF would kill them. Alex finds Lydia uploading the data from one of the drives, but the rest are destroyed. Two weeks later, Alex, Dayana, Nimah, Shelby and Ryan are called by Director Keyes and President Haas. They tell them that the AIC is a small branch of a larger threat, and that they are putting them together to form a team, which will be led by her son.
14 14 LNWILT March 20, 2017 3.61
The team learns that they will be led by Matthew Keyes, Owen Hall, and Clay Haas, who dislikes Shelby due to the affair with his father the previous year. They learn that the cache of data Lydia uploaded was recently accessed by someone, and the accessed data contained security and maintenance patterns for cargo planes. One cargo plane crashed in Kentucky, and a company known as GIP recently profited due to short-selling the cargo that was on the plane. The team goes to a GIP party to find out who was in on the crash, only to find that GIP's only goal was a Ponzi Scheme. Alex is almost found to be spying, but is saved by Harry at the last minute. Harry was at GIP trying to find information like Alex, but is working on his own, as the Secret Intelligence Service fired him after he failed his mission at Camp Peary and is trying to solve the case in order to get hired back. Alex, with the help of Harry, learn that a company known as ENGIN profited from the crash, and has profited from other attacks, giving the team a starting point. Meanwhile, León meets with Alex and Dayana. He believes that someone is hunting him and the other CIA recruits. However, they believe he's paranoid. As he is leaving from meeting them, a small group of people kidnap him.
15 15 MOCKINGBIRD March 27, 2017 3.45
The cache that was previously uploaded to the internet by Lydia Hall has been accessed for key information about emergency-response protocols. As major news outlets covered an event about a chemical plant explosion in a city in Virginia, Owen questioned the authenticity of the media reports. Later, the team with Harry's help, learns that a group of Internet trolls were hired to create the fake news about the explosion from the aid of a private military company called Greypool. The higher officials within the company wanted the city to be evacuated in order to hunt a person of interest. The person in question is Mallory Haynes. She was hired by a US Senator to create fake news in order to help with his election. However, Nimah traces the cache information to Henry Roarke, the Speaker of the House. Meanwhile, Ryan deals with a journalist, Sasha Barinov, who threatens to expose him as a government agent unless he can give her a story.
16 16 MKTOPAZ April 3, 2017 2.96
The team finds one of the collaborators who accessed the cache, an NYC socialite Rebecca Sherman, and requests the team for help. However, she and another collaborator, Thomas Roth, are killed by a sniper. Sebastian, who was confronted by Harry, forces Harry to leave the task force. Meanwhile, Clay's fiance gets upset when she realizes their upcoming wedding is used as an excuse to get to Rebecca, and Shelby advises her to stay with him. Nimah tries to call Raina, but unbeknownst to her, Raina is kidnapped, and her house is planted with evidence to make her look like a terrorist. Nimah also confronts Ryan, as he revealed the Ponzi scheme to Sasha, who published the story.
17 17 ODYOKE April 10, 2017 2.57
A shopping mall was the target of a terror attack, and Raina was to be placed there to take the blame. However, Raina was able to escape her kidnappers, and asks Alex for help. The terror attack happens shortly before a Muslim registration bill would be passed, so the team heads to Washington, D.C. to convince the voters to vote no, but fail. The bill is passed, but President Haas vetoes it. The team realizes that the collaborators wanted Haas to veto it to help Henry Roarke become President. Meanwhile, Nimah, realizing that Raina may be arrested, switches places with her. Alex and Owen try and get information from a kidnapper that Raina identified, but the kidnapper is killed before they could get any information. Ryan, who has gotten close to Sasha, learns the FBI marked Sasha as an FSB asset.
18 18 KUMONK April 17, 2017 2.76
A series of riots are starting across America, one of which will help Roarke improve his reputation and destroy President Haas', so that the people will elect him as President. Clay, believing his team will lose, goes to Claire to break up the team. With Clay gone, Alex takes over as leader. The team find a trial that involves a bill Claire passed, and realize the trial may be compromised by Roarke's Collaborators. However, they are too late to stop the jury from passing a verdict, which causes a riot outside the courthouse. As Roarke prepares to make a speech to the rioters to defame Claire, he is stopped by Claire herself, who performs her own speech. As a result, Claire's reputation is improved among the people nationwide. Meanwhile, Sebastian sneaks into the team's bunker, but Owen and Ryan find and interrogate him. Sebastian reveals that he's been trying to uncover the identities of the collaborators/shadow group as well as the people whom his wife worked for before giving them the rest of the Collaborators' names. Ryan still doesn't trust Sasha, and goes to talk to her. Sasha claims she is on his side, and says that they will talk soon. However, her car explodes as soon as she enters it.
19 19 MHORDER April 24, 2017 2.59
Clay realizes that the collaborators have been aware of the team, and have been multiple steps ahead. In order for them to win, the team decides to bring the collaborators in one room to turn at least one of them against Roarke and the others, by sending them each a Presidential Invitation to Clay and Maxine's engagement party. While the others fail to do so, Ryan is able to get Alice Winter to confess to the murders of León and Sasha, and seemingly gets her to cooperate, telling him she'll bring two others. Alex is the only one who says it's a trap, but the rest decide to go with Ryan's plan. Owen suggests that in order to catch the Collaborators, she should go to their side. Ryan goes to meet Alice Winter, but instead finds a news reporter. The next day, news of the task force has gone public, threatening Claire's impeachment. Alex erases all of the team's files of the Collaborators and goes to meet with them.
20 20 GLOBALREACH May 1, 2017 2.65
Roarke uses the news to call for Claire's impeachment or resignation. Clay and the team (minus Alex and Owen) try to dig up dirt on Roarke that would prevent him from becoming President, while Raina tries to get help from Felix in finding Nimah. Clay and Shelby try to put emails in Felix's phone to make it look like Roarke is collaborating with Russia regarding cyber-terrorism, but fail. As a result, Felix quits his job and breaks ties with Clay. Meanwhile, Alex works with Alice Winter by getting Keyes to resign from the CIA. As they are talking to the FBI, Alex realizes that Alice put a water bottle in her purse, which contained a gas to poison the agents looking into President Claire, making her look guilty. Claire resigns as President, but tells Alex to keep fighting.
21 21 RAINBOW May 8, 2017 2.54
After Claire Haas resigned from her presidency as a result of a national scandal, it was revealed that Roarke succeeded in being appointed as the President of the United States. A week after his inauguration, Roarke signed 30 executive orders in five days and removed the cache from the internet, leading Owen to realize that the collaborators are near their end-game. With Clay gone, Alex gets help from Will, Miranda, and Keyes to help find what Roarke is planning. Will learns that the profit made from ENGIN Industries was from the Avionics systems, which have since been added to a number of airplanes. The team finds that there is hidden code in the software that allows a plane to be remotely controlled with a smartphone if they have a popular app installed, created by a Collaborator. They realize Roarke's plan: six flights each have one person on Roarke's Muslim Registry Act, each with the app on their phone; when their phones connect to the plane's Wi-Fi, the Collaborators will use the app to control and crash the planes. Alex goes to Alice to find the flights, while Shelby, with Raina's sacrifice, finds Clay to learn the FAA's code to request emergency landing. The team successfully save the flights. However, Roarke uses the team's win as an example: he requested them to perform an off-book operation, and uses it to request a new Constitutional Convention, to rewrite the US Constitution.
22 22 RESISTANCE May 15, 2017 2.72
In the days leading to the convention, the team starts vetting for Roarke's new government agency, while secretly trying to stop Roarke from getting the votes needed to allow the Convention. However, their plan is foiled, thanks to hidden microphones. The team, with help from Will and Iris Chang, decide to use an indirect approach. Will and Iris pick up Peter Theo from a bar, and locate incriminating evidence of Roarke, which they give to the FSB, in exchange for them requesting Roarke to add a modification to the new Constitution. At the convention, Roarke's conversation with the FSB is recorded. Alex publicly broadcasts Roarke's recordings and emails the evidence to the ACLU and other rights organizations, before having Miranda fake her death. Roarke, not willing to face the press or the police, commits suicide. Two months later, the rest of the team, including Maxine, Raina, and Nimah, are celebrating in the bunker, while Ryan joins Alex on a plane.

Air Dates

  • United States: September 25, 2016 - May 15, 2017