Turn is the fifteenth episode of the first season of Quantico.


A terror cell tries to infiltrate Quantico, forcing Miranda and Liam to pay a deadly price. While in the future, Alex continues to get instructions from the terrorist – only this time, it’s Claire Haas’ life that hangs in the balance.


The terrorist gives Alex a pill bottle and tells Alex to swap it with one in Senator Claire Haas' purse. Alex attempts to make the switch while Simon, who has recorded the terrorist's call, attempts to find the terrorist's real voice. Alex's failed attempts cause her to run into Hannah. After Alex tells Hannah about the terrorist and Natalie's death, Hannah kicks her out. At Alex's house, however, the terrorist says that the switch was made. Hannah reveals that she made the switch and believes Alex. At Quantico, Claire Haas is leading the week's exercise but, in the middle of it, the terrorist cell that Raina infiltrated attacks the academy. During the attack, Caleb and Will team up to save Shelby and Drew kills a terrorist who would've shot Liam. After the attack, Liam thanks Drew and says that Drew belongs at Quantico. Shelby learns that Samar was working for Shelby's parents, who faked their deaths. At Miranda's house, one of the terrorists holds Miranda, Raina, and Charlie hostage. Charlie shoots the terrorist, but soon starts freaking out, as he will go to prison. Before the FBI outside can kill Charlie, Miranda shoots him.



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  • This episode title was said by Hannah Wyland.