Quantico Season 3

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Warning:  This blog contains spoilers from the Season 3 opener, "The Conscience Code."

Wow! Eleven months; that's how long I and others have been waiting for the season premiere of Quantico! All of us were wondering what changes would occur following the events of the second season. We certainly received answers, and boy were they shocking to say the least. Let's list them, shall we?

Let's start with the biggest shocker:  Ryan and Shelby are husband and wife?!?! Holy cow!!! Seriously, who saw this coming?! It was within the first moments of Ryan and Alex meeting for the first time in three years (the time that elasped between the seasons), that the former informed the latter about Shelby being kidnapped by The Widow, with Alex noticing that Ryan removed his wedding ring. Now I was expecting Ryan to reveal that he and Hannah Wyland got back together, but he delivers this jaw dropping shocker that Shelby is now his wife! I myself am still trying to process this and still don't know how to feel exactly, I mean, a lot of us wanted Ryan and Alex together, but on the flipside, I do love Shelby and have wanted love for her as well, just didn't think it would be with Ryan. Wow.

However, I do know what to think about this shocker:  Will working with The Widow?! Seriously?! I was thinking, "He has to be undercover, it's a front. No way he's gone to the dark side." How wrong I was. Will gave his typical "good guy gone bad" spiel, basically accusing his friends of making him a fugitive and other bad things that befell him, and that he had no choice to do what he did. Ugh. I hate excuses. Will really disappointed me, I swear. And speaking of The Widow, we all had this thought that she'd be the season's big bad; instead, her plans were thwarted in that single episode, and her story's done. Weird.

Seriously, am I the only one who already loves Jocelyn Turner? I just flat out LOVE her! Strong woman, heart of gold, and full of determination against all odds. Marlee Matlin is my favorite of the new additions to this current season. However, I have to talk about the many subtractions. I am bummed that we won't see a vast majority of the stalwarts anymore, but the ones I will miss the most are Raina and Nimah. I loved the twins and their storylines, especially in Season Two, and I loved seeing Yasmine Al Massri play these characters so well during the first two seasons.

As I stated before, I also love that this season will be brief, just 13 episodes. It will be a short and sweet season, and here's hoping that it will be as amazing as ever, and that the show will last beyond this point!